All consumer brands are represented by a logo. Branding a legend requires far more than the simple creation of a visual designation.

Brandtheon provides a comprehensive and powerful toolkit of graphic elements designed to leverage the immense potency of your individual brand. Our goal is to distill the core DNA of star icons to its greatest potential. We deliver the visual embodiment of your legend, a complete brand that captures your singular personality, passions, talents, and interests in a complete and total branding package.

Core components of our services include:

• Identity development
• Logo
• Wordmarks
• A customized color palette

All delivered in the form of a Style Guide. Deliverables include a complete package of art that can be utilized across every conceivable platform from print to web to broadcast to licensed product to social media.

Additional components can consist of elements such as:

• A custom-created font
• Development of proprietary website
• Development of custom-created apps
• Consultation on licensed product
• Trademarking a legal protection