3. Design


With the Creative Brief acting as the blueprint, we develop your branding program. This creative process includes in-depth design exploration and sample applications so that an informed decision can be made. 

Included in this process is trademark research to ensure that the brand identity we create is fully protectable and does not infringe on any other proprietary property.

The final Branding Program is provided in a style guide format and includes a hierarchy of proprietary trademarks as well as supporting elements such as color palettes, typographic family, sample mock-ups, tagline(s), positioning statements, and social media strategies.

4. Deployment


In this phase, we work with you to activate the Branding Program we have developed. Launching the new brand encompasses a myriad of possible executions, including a brand unveiling, website development, social media marketing, community outreach, product vision boards, trade show displays, strategic alliances—whatever activation components are identified in the strategic plan that begin to lay the critical foundation for future successes.